People to People

Exhibition hosted by Catipal Union Bank of The Bahamas
November 29, 2019
When speaking to my father about his work and the stories which drive it, I am endlessly taken by his incredible and unguarded excitement for the world. His work makes us privy to these pleasures derived from his surroundings, which at this moment are seemingly seldom expressed. His view of the world is so generously shared with us by simple but deeply intimate, physical gestures, which are simply a continuation of the interactions he has as he moves through the world.
For over thirty years now, my father’s work has been a symptom of a long relationship with The Bahamas. After such time, he is still struck by the beauty of the place, and with a ceaseless curiosity, he continues to find new subjects and is still committed to the ones he has been painting for as long as he has been here.
Observing the development of his work around The Bahamas for my entire lifetime, I have always understood him to work with familiar subjects, and so I wondered how he was able to develop this new trajectory of work, focusing on his too brief, and first-time encounter with Tanzania this past year. Earnestly laying out his vulnerabilities, he described the immediate emotional shock of being in a new place, the initially strange and unfamiliar interactions, that so differed from the comfort of what he knows here and the resulting uncertainty in where to begin making work. What I now understand is that my father does not simply paint what he knows, but rather, to borrow his words “what I have under my feet.” His paintings are born out of a direct emotional response to what he lives.
Through these bodies of work, we are able to bear witness to these intimate interactions and relationships. The paintings and drawings and the considerable process of making them are a show of gratitude to these worlds that have been graciously opened up to him— they preserve the memories of these lived experiences and encapsulate his remarkable sentiments towards his subjects.
Julia Lamare
Assistant curator CAG Vancouver BC
 Maasai wife – Watercolour on canvas – 30.5 x 47 inches  
Oh James – Watercolour on Strathmore paper – 22 x 29 inches 
 James – I do – Watercolour on Strathmore paper 22 x 29 inches 
 200 year old lady – Watercolour on Strathmore paper – 20 x 29 inches
Ernest & Maurices’ world – Graphite on Strathmore paper – 14 x 22 inches 
 Sailing home – Watercolour on canvas – 25 x 41 inches
Mr James Sweeting – Charcoal, casein & black ink on lokta paper – 30 x 20 inches 
• Wash day #4 – Charcoal, casein & black ink on canvas –
29 x 14.5 inches


Ophelia 2nd drawing for thrashing peas – Graphite on Strathmore paper – 24 x 14.5 inches
Ophelia’s golden scarf – Watercolour on Strathmore paper – 19 x 29 inches 
Tribute to Ophelia’s life – Watercolour on paper – 20 x 30 inches 

Rope of life #1 – Graphite on Strathmore paper – 16 x 22 inches

Rope of life #2 – Graphite on Strathmore paper – 16 x 13 inches

Study of Omars right arm – Graphite on Strathmore paper – 14 x 10 inches

Wandering thoughts – Charcoal, casein & black ink on canvas – 29 x 14.5 inches 
Lekoko Maasai tracker – Charcoal on Rives paper – 25.5 x 11 inches 
Buffalo, The old guys – Watercolour over charcoal on lokta paper – 20 x 30 inches
Maasai wife #1 – Watercolour on Amate paper – 16 x 23 inches 
Lekoko 2nd study, Gentle warrior – Charcoal, casein & watercolour on lokta paper 
Maurice Joseph Savannah Sound – Graphite on Strathmore paper
200 years old, The beauty of age – Graphite, charcoal & ink on Strathmore paper – 22 x 16 inches 
Maurice Joseph, so close, yet so far – Watercolour on Strathmore paper – 21 x 14 inches
Maurice Joseph – Charcoal, casein & black ink on paper – 22 x 22 inches 
Maasai wife #2 – Watercolour on chocolate lokta paper – 20 x 30 inches
Lekoko 1st study – Watercolour on canvas – 23 x 27 inches


Elephant soul – Charcoal on lokta paper – 30 x 20 inches 
Thrashing peas #2 – Watercolour on rust on lokta paper – 10 x 14 inches 
Thrashing peas 1st study – Watercolour on rust lokta paper – 12 x 20 inches 
Caressing light – Watercolour on canvas – 62 x 40 inches 
Lekoko, reassuring presence – Charcoal, casein & watercolour on lokta paper – 29 x 19 inches
Under the tree – Watercolour on blue lokta paper – 28.5 x 15.5 inches